Pre-construction services are an important factor in a successful construction project. CNB’s Pre-Construction services provide both the owner and architect with current, complete, and accurate information to enable the team to make informed decisions.

Trusted Collaboration

CNB can help turn your concept into a reality and start you off on the right foot through the construction process. Our expert staff reviews your plans and specifications, defines a clear scope of work, and ensures clear communication to clarify your intent of the project.


Don’t have drawings? We can assist in recommending a professional.

What We Offer


Conceptual Budgeting

Analyzing your conceptual budget and comparing it with your budget requirements – we can ensure the scope of the work conforms to your budget and suggest areas for cost savings based on our previous experiences.


Construction Documents Review

Our team will review all design documents for oversights, inaccuracies, and thoroughness and target our areas of concern. We can help provide alternative solutions and take the opportunity to clarify details consistent with industry practice.


Build Scope of Work

We can assist in creating a program that identifies your needs and expectations  We’ll help finalize conceptual size, appearance, and material quality of your project and create conceptual floor plans with an emphasis on the production process flow.



Helping identify permitting requirements and issue early on can help ensure your project stays on schedule.


Obtain Qualified Bids

Our team will create comprehensive bid packages for each trade and select qualified bidders. We can help distribute the bidding documents while receiving proposals and perform a detailed analysis to develop a baseline for comparison.



We will schedule your entire project from start to finish – identifying key milestones and helping drive your project towards completion.